United Systems & Software, Inc.

Who We Are

United Systems & Software, Inc. is a technical services firm that specializes in software development and information technology for utilities and local government. USS now serves over 1,000+ customers within an eighteen-state region. We are currently recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner, Dell Partner, Datto Partner, and as an Itron Certified Distributor.

Our staff is made up of over 50 technology professionals including software developers, certified network engineers, project managers, training and support specialists, and hardware technicians. This level of technical depth adds another facet to our company’s value proposition and uniquely positions USS to meet the needs of our customer base.

Our Mission

Since 1977, our focus has been helping utilities and local government improve operational efficiencies through the effective use of technology. During the average day, utilities and government are required to manage a million and one details. Managing these details is a difficult task. This task is especially difficult within an industry that has more than its fair share of regulations and mandates – helping customers achieve complete control over these details is where United Systems fits the equation.

Charitable Giving Fund

As a solution provider for utilities and local government throughout the US, United Systems acknowledges the importance of taking efforts to care for and restore our environment. United Systems and its employees are committed to creating a beautiful and sustainable environment, reducing waste, and leaving our environment better than we found it. One way we achieve this is through the United Systems’ Charitable Giving Fund.

At United Systems, we view Corporate Responsibility as more than making smart business decisions. We are committed to creating an environment that drives a strong ethical culture centered on enhancing the lives of individuals within the communities that our employees live in and work in. We are committed to doing our part to contribute to the sustainability and conservation of our community.