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Building Highlights

Over the last 44 years, United Systems has worked diligently to help utilities and local government improve operational efficiencies through the effective use of technology. What started as a small business with only a handful of employees has grown into a company with over 50 employees serving over 1,000 customers across an 18-state territory.



Our offerings help utilities provide better service to customers, improve operations, and increase sustainability. The Alliance™ software calculates over 15 million utility statements annually. Through our managed services offering, we partner with hundreds of businesses to ensure that critical systems and data remain secure while reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Our team resolves nearly 20,000 service tickets for customers each year.

While our customer base and catalog of offerings have grown, our goal has remained the same: deliver the highest quality products & services that benefit our valued customers while fostering a productive corporate culture focused on respect & inclusion, all while working to enhance the lives of individuals within the community.

With our customers, goals, and the needs of our growing workforce in mind, we began the lengthy process of finding a location, designing and building our new headquarters, and here we are today in a 22,000 square foot location at Southwest One Industrial Park.

To say we’re grateful would be an understatement. To all our employees, customers, vendors, and partners: words could never express how grateful we are for you and your continued commitment to United Systems. We are beyond blessed to have all our employees working out of our new location and are looking forward to what the future holds! It’s a bit chaotic at times, has a couple of unpacked boxes throughout, and we’re still working on finding a place for everything but, there’s nowhere else we would rather be!

As we continue to settle in, we wanted to share a few interesting facts and some of the things we love about our building!

Moving is hard, ya’ll. We’re still settling in and learning our new building, but as we mentioned, we couldn’t be more excited to be here!

We hope to see you all on July 29th at our open house and keep an eye out for more peeks inside our new location!


Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

United Systems & Software is excited to announce the Grand Opening of our new headquarters in Southwest One Industrial Park in Benton, Kentucky!

Please join United Systems, Kentucky Lake Economic Development, and the Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce for our Grand Opening celebration on July 29th from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Light refreshments will be provided from Magic Valley Catering and Parcell’s Bakery.

Our event will begin at 4 PM with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Guest Speakers and Open House to follow.

After a trying year for all, we are excited to come together with our community, customers, and partners to celebrate the completion of and our move to our new building.

We’re looking forward to sharing our new location with you all and can’t wait to see you!


Transform AMR

Itron is transforming the natural gas industry with the Intelis Gas Meter and with it in the field, you can transform your reading operations. This 250 CFH meter is designed around safety and brings new AMR benefits to residential metering. The build-in safety shutoff valve allows for an unparalleled level of safety, insight, and control at the meter itself. Intelis provides the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high flow or high-temperature incident and is the most compact and lightweight meter on the market!

Itron’s Transform AMR promotion combines the innovations of the Intelis Gas Meter with the established benefits of Itron’s Field Collection System for efficient, accurate data collection across your service territory.

Why transform you reading operations with Intelis & Itron FCS?

Take advantage of your reading operations with the Intelis Gas Meter:

  • Enhance Data collection efficiency. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Improve customer service & security.
  • Increase flexibility.

Reduce Operating Costs.

The Transform AMR promotion with Intelis Gas Meters allows you to choose a bundled solution of Intelis Gas Meters, software and mobile hardware to meet the specific needs of your operation!

Save thousands by acting before year end!

Our sales team is waiting to help you Transform your operation!




Itron Intelis Gas Meter

At United Systems & Itron, everything we do is dedicated to ensuring the safe, reliable, resourceful delivery and use of natural gas to end customers. Itron pioneered gas meter automation and continues to be the premier provider of smart gas networks, delivering complete outcomes to the challenges gas utilities are facing.

As a result of advances in solid state metering and the integration of radio frequency, Itron is now able to offer an exceptionally compact and feature-rich ultrasonic residential gas meter with an internal shutoff valve in every meter.  The Intelis Gas Meter is a transformational solution that changes the value proposition for gas customers from metering and automation to one that extends intelligence to the edge of the network and moves the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently!

The first of its kind Intelis ultrasonic gas meter weighs in at only 4 ½ pounds making it the lightest residential gas meter available in North America. Six-inch center-to-center hub connections make field retrofits quick & easy to accomplish. Intelis comes equipped and ready to operate in mobile mode or network mode, allowing flexible and migratable operation in AMR or AMI environments. Intelis comes standard with an internal shutoff valve on the outlet, providing the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high-flow incident, independent of operator involvement or the RF reading topology.

Intelis Gas Meters enable utilities to automatically make intelligent decisions across their gas distribution network, delivering opportunities for operational savings and enhanced customer and employee safety by potentially preventing an explosion.

Key Features:


Why Itron AMR?

Over the last year, the need for automation and remote work capabilities has become abundantly apparent. Many utilities have been forced to implement new policies and procedures for all facets of operation, including meter reading. These changes, consumer trends and desires, and a need to increase conservation and sustainability are putting more pressure than ever on utilities to streamline and improve their meter reading processes. Itron, Inc. Automated Meter Reading allows utilities to drive down operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee safety.

Itron knows all about Automated Meter Reading (AMR) because well, they made it an industry standard. Itron AMR solutions allow utilities to leverage the unique expertise and leadership Itron offers. Utilities can rely on Itron’s automation metering system to remotely read usage data to improve service, protect against revenue loss, cut costs, and streamline field operations with a variety of deployment options.

Collect Meter Data Faster: 

Collect data through walk-by, drive-by, network or any combination of those methods.

Improve Data Accuracy:

Close service calls faster by pulling up granular usage data collected with 99% accuracy.

Protect Against Tampering:

Set usage thresholds, then be alerted to possible service theft or meter hacks.

Interoperable Standards:

Connect to Itron Temetra or 3rd party systems with modules using industry-wide communication protocols.

Collect Efficiently:

Collect via walk-by, drive-by, network, or any combination of these methods.

Made for Gas & Water:

Optimize gas and water operations with Itron’s multi-commodity solutions.


Grow AMR with Temetra

If you’ve already begun implementing an Itron Automated Meter Reading system or have completed implementation of an Itron Automated Meter Reading system, Itron’s Grow Promotion is for you!

Itron can help you take the next step up in efficiency and effectiveness. Itron’s Grow Promotion is tailored for existing MV-RS and FCS customers with an upgrade to Itron’s next-generation, cloud-based  mobile meter data collection and management solution: Temetra. Temetra takes the place of both MV-RS and FCS offering utilities robust features and capabilities including:

  • Importing routes
  • Managing assignments
  • Providing reports
  • Delivering data to billing
  • Long-term data storage
  • Advanced search capabilities and integrated mapping
  • Intuitive user interface and dashboards
  • Ad hoc search-based reporting
  • Meter data collection & validation
  • Meter geolocation
  • Asset management
  • Meter/device photo storage
  • And more!

The Grow AMR promotion simplifies the upgrade process and makes it affordable by bundling Temetra setup fees, first year of the Temetra subscription and new walk-by or drive-by radios into a single, easy-to-deploy package.

MV-RS users can rest easy knowing that Temetra was developed with MV-RS in mind! Backwards compatibilities allow users to upgrade from MV-RS to Temetra and continue to use use their existing CIS/billing file interfaces, existing  code tables, and existing interfaces with other Itron systems including Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network and Itron Analytics. MV-RS users can also continue to utilize existing MC3 mobile collectors, existing meters, and existing ERTS.


By transitioning to Temetra from MV-RS or FCS utilities can now:

  • Choose Android, iOS, or Windows Devices for your field employees to use.
  • Optimize your operations and improve efficiency using Temetra’s unique GeoRouting and GeoSequencing route optimization capabilities.
  • Gain greater insight into customer usage patterns and potential issues with Temetra’s built-in graphing, analytics, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce billing complaints with Temetra’s optional customer portal upgrade.
  • Lower your operational costs by moving to a completely cloud-based meter reading solution.


Take advantage of the Grow AMR promotion by December 31st, 2021, and save thousands!

TPM by United Systems: Cloud Definition

When you hear talk about the cloud, it can be a little overwhelming to understand this unique technology. Cloud architecture offers a huge number of solutions, and cloud technology’s rapid development has ensured that it is a field with huge potential. However, many people are not aware of what it is. 

As such, our team of IT consultants at TPM by United Systems are on hand to help you understand what the cloud is. In their most recent blog, TPM by United Systems discusses how people and companies are using the cloud to enhance modern data management systems. 

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Start AMR Promotion

Are you looking to transition to AMR from manual meter reading? Overwhelmed by the process?

With Itron’s Start AMR promotion, you can begin the transition to AMR and redefine meter reading for your organization at a pace that fits your organizational needs! 

Manual meter reading can be a slow, inaccurate and costly process. Itron’s advanced Automated Meter Reading solutions help utilities’ meter reading operations become safe, efficient, accurate and much faster than a manual process. Itron’s Start AMR promotion is centered on the Temetra Mobile App, Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution. The Temetra Mobile App allows meter readers to load meter reading assignments via any internet connection with a smartphone, tablet or laptop running Android, iOS or Windows 10. Once loaded, the meter reader can collect any combination of manual, probed or radio reads along with other valuable data and then send that data back to the host application over any internet connection.

The Temetra host application is a data management system deployed in the cloud. Cloud deployment allows managers and supervisors to securely work from home, the office or anywhere with an internet connection. The Temetra web application lets managers and supervisors assign work and view years of reading history, including daily and hourly usage.

The Start AMR promotion combines the Temetra Mobile app with Itron’s industry-leading AMR mobile radios that allow utilities to collect daily or hourly usage data from Itron’s advanced endpoints and meters.  By combining the Temetra Mobile app and Itron’s AMR mobile radio and endpoints, utilities have access to data previously unavailable. Equipped with this data, utilities can take action with both employees and customers to better manage resources, improve customer service and create safe, accurate, efficient meter reading operations!

The Start AMR promotion is a bundled solution with everything you need to start your journey, including Itron ERT modules, mobile hardware, and software.

Act before December 31, 2021 and save as much as $7,200!

Use the links below to learn more about this limited time promotion!


TPM by United Systems: AI – What It Is and Isn’t

AI has been rapidly evolving in recent years with the IT industry placing demand on this innovative technology solution. It began life with humble origins compared to the immense potential that modern AI software can offer for business networks. In their most recent blog, TPM by United Systems looks at what AI is, how it originated and developed, and how your business can take advantage of this tool. 

A Brief Look at AI for Business Networks – What It Is (And Isn’t) 

It’s important that we know what AI actually is. Indeed, many businesses don’t entirely understand how AI can be beneficial for their tech problems and solutions.  

Let’s define what AI is and what it isn’t. When someone mentions the term “Artificial Intelligence,” you probably think of  automatic computers or machines, like robots. This belief was widely popularized by Alan Turing’s statement claiming that “one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.” However, artificial intelligence IT solutions are actually a bit more complicated than this; the modern realm of AI certainly isn’t capable of self-awareness just yet, but it is still capable of offering a huge amount of potential for businesses. 

So, AI isn’t just an android; rather, it’s a program that is capable of completing tasks to a similar standard as a human or better.  AI systems can be categorized as: Narrow, General, or Super-Intelligent.  Narrow and general AI systems are already available for business networks to implement as an IT solution. These systems serve to do a small number of specialized tasks. Super intelligent AI is still in development though, and will likely not exist for a long period of time. 

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TPM by United Systems: Cloud Workforce Security

When it comes to working remotely, making use of the most up-to-date and high-quality cloud infrastructure and cloud computing services is very important. Cloud computing offers a number of options for business profitability, and a huge improvement for the ability to work remotely. However, you must have the right cybersecurity protocols and software in place to keep your network secure from hackers.

In their most recent blog, the TPM by United Systems team discusses cloud security measures you should know!