If you’ve already begun implementing an Itron Automated Meter Reading system or have completed implementation of an Itron Automated Meter Reading system, Itron’s Grow Promotion is for you!

Itron can help you take the next step up in efficiency and effectiveness. Itron’s Grow Promotion is tailored for existing MV-RS and FCS customers with an upgrade to Itron’s next-generation, cloud-based  mobile meter data collection and management solution: Temetra. Temetra takes the place of both MV-RS and FCS offering utilities robust features and capabilities including:

  • Importing routes
  • Managing assignments
  • Providing reports
  • Delivering data to billing
  • Long-term data storage
  • Advanced search capabilities and integrated mapping
  • Intuitive user interface and dashboards
  • Ad hoc search-based reporting
  • Meter data collection & validation
  • Meter geolocation
  • Asset management
  • Meter/device photo storage
  • And more!

The Grow AMR promotion simplifies the upgrade process and makes it affordable by bundling Temetra setup fees, first year of the Temetra subscription and new walk-by or drive-by radios into a single, easy-to-deploy package.

MV-RS users can rest easy knowing that Temetra was developed with MV-RS in mind! Backwards compatibilities allow users to upgrade from MV-RS to Temetra and continue to use use their existing CIS/billing file interfaces, existing  code tables, and existing interfaces with other Itron systems including Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network and Itron Analytics. MV-RS users can also continue to utilize existing MC3 mobile collectors, existing meters, and existing ERTS.


By transitioning to Temetra from MV-RS or FCS utilities can now:

  • Choose Android, iOS, or Windows Devices for your field employees to use.
  • Optimize your operations and improve efficiency using Temetra’s unique GeoRouting and GeoSequencing route optimization capabilities.
  • Gain greater insight into customer usage patterns and potential issues with Temetra’s built-in graphing, analytics, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce billing complaints with Temetra’s optional customer portal upgrade.
  • Lower your operational costs by moving to a completely cloud-based meter reading solution.


Take advantage of the Grow AMR promotion by December 31st, 2021, and save thousands!