At United Systems & Itron, everything we do is dedicated to ensuring the safe, reliable, resourceful delivery and use of natural gas to end customers. Itron pioneered gas meter automation and continues to be the premier provider of smart gas networks, delivering complete outcomes to the challenges gas utilities are facing.

As a result of advances in solid state metering and the integration of radio frequency, Itron is now able to offer an exceptionally compact and feature-rich ultrasonic residential gas meter with an internal shutoff valve in every meter.  The Intelis Gas Meter is a transformational solution that changes the value proposition for gas customers from metering and automation to one that extends intelligence to the edge of the network and moves the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently!

The first of its kind Intelis ultrasonic gas meter weighs in at only 4 ½ pounds making it the lightest residential gas meter available in North America. Six-inch center-to-center hub connections make field retrofits quick & easy to accomplish. Intelis comes equipped and ready to operate in mobile mode or network mode, allowing flexible and migratable operation in AMR or AMI environments. Intelis comes standard with an internal shutoff valve on the outlet, providing the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high-flow incident, independent of operator involvement or the RF reading topology.

Intelis Gas Meters enable utilities to automatically make intelligent decisions across their gas distribution network, delivering opportunities for operational savings and enhanced customer and employee safety by potentially preventing an explosion.

Key Features: