Alliance System Requirements
Database*Standard Version Microsoft SQL 2016 SP1 or later
PortUSB 2.0 port (3.0 or higher preferred for IoSafe Drives)
ServerIntel Xeon E-2286G Processor 12M Cache, 4.00GHz

Windows Server 2016 or greater with a domain environment

32GB RAM, 500GB of free disk space

Workstation*2.4 GHz, dual core processor (quad core preferred, 7th generation i5 or better, 64 bit only), 16GB of RAM, 50GB of free disk space
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit only)
Display1024 X 768 resolution VGA color monitor (1920 X 1080 preferred)
Technical SupportA high-speed (25 down/5 up) Internet connection
Additional Hardware*High quality Laser Printer with four-direction adjustable registration settings (E.g. a Lexmark MS822dn)
If applicable, Epson Receipt Printer (TM-H6000IV network version only)
High quality Data Backup Device with scheduling (E.g. IoSafe Rugged Portable 1 TB hard drive)
High quality Battery Backup Device with Conditioner for all Workstation & Servers
USB 2.0 port (3.0 or higher preferred for IoSafe Drives)
Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
100/1000 Network Card & 100/1000 Network Switch if operating in a network environment
Mobile Field ServiceThis application requires true server-grade hardware operating with Windows Server & SQL Server
A static IP address is required from the utility’s ISP for MFS deployment.
Mobile Device Requirements:
GPS Enabled
Cellular Enabled
Minimum 10GB free storage
Any iOS, Android, or Windows 10 mobile device still supported by the manufacturer*
NetworkStatic IP address
The capability of forwarding ports in network router software
Access through any firewall to achieve outside communication to the Alliance service
Cloud RequirementsA high-speed (25 down/5 up) Internet connection
Windows 10 (64 bit-only)
Parallels RDP connection
*FootnotesNot Supported: Windows ‘Home’ variant operating system, SQL Server ‘Express’ license format, Impact matrix printers

iPhone 7 and older iPhones not supported