Alliance System Requirements
Database*Microsoft SQL 2012 R2 or later (Standard SQL 2016 SP1 or later preferred)
PortUSB 2.0 port
ServerXeon E3-1220 v6 3.0 GHZ 4/C 4/T
Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundations or Essentials for server with a domain environment.
32GB RAM, 500GB of free disk space
Workstation*2.4 GHz, dual-core processor (quad-core preferred, 7th generation i5 or better, 64 bit only)
16GB of RAM
50GB of free disk space
Windows 10 (64 bit only)
Display1024 X 768 resolution VGA color monitor (1920 X 1080 preferred)
Technical SupportA high-speed (25 down/5 up) Internet connection
Additional Hardware*High-quality Laser Printer with four-direction adjustable registration settings (E.g. a Lexmark MS711)
If applicable, Epson Receipt Printer (TM-H6000V only)
High-quality Data Backup Device with scheduling (E.g. IoSafe Rugged Portable 1 TB hard drive)
High-quality Battery Backup Device with Conditioner for all Workstation & Servers
USB 2.0 port (3.0 or higher preferred for IoSafe Drives)
Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
100/1000 Network Card & 100/1000 Network Switch if operating in a network environment
Mobile Field ServiceThis application requires true server-grade hardware operating with Windows Server & SQL Server
A static IP address is required from the utility’s ISP for MFS deployment.
NetworkStatic IP address
The capability of forwarding ports in network router software
Access through any firewall to achieve outside communication to the Alliance service
Cloud RequirementsA high-speed (25 down/5 up) Internet connection
Windows 10 (64 bit-only)
Parallels RDP connection
*FootnotesNot Supported: Windows ‘Home’ variant operating system, SQL Server ‘Express’ license format, Impact matrix printers

*Not Supported: Windows ‘Home’ variant operating system, SQL Server ‘Express’ license format, impact matrix printers.