Reduce the stress and time associated with managing technology needs so that you can focus on what really matters.

Focus On Your Utility. Not Your Technology.

Having worked with utilities for over 40 years gives United Systems unique insight into the technology needs of the utility sector. You want your IT to work— while being reliable, secure and up-to-date. United Systems’ Technology Process Management (TPM) can solve this objective by merging our wealth of utility experience with our in-depth understanding of IT, yielding guaranteed results.

Proactive Monitoring and MaintenanceUsing automated proactive maintenance, we monitor thousands of distinct events and metrics 24 hours a
day, enabling us to solve problems quickly, at times before they occur.
Disaster RecoveryOur use of technology and processes secures and backs up vital data to ensure that your business stays
operational in the case of hardware or software failure.
Technology ConsultingWith technology constantly evolving, we are always looking for new and better processes and software
solutions to keep your business at the forefront of technology.
Network MaintenanceOur network professionals work to ensure that your network is functioning at the highest capacity.

Technology Process Management is the aggressive use of technology processes and skilled professionals to monitor and maintain your utility’s technology solutions. We use continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure that critical IT systems are available and up to date for core business functions.

Our unique proactive approach to the management of your network & systems helps minimize downtime and maximize your operations’ productivity. We use consistent, repeatable processes to take charge of, locate, and solve issues.

We keep your network, PCs, and servers up and running so that you can spend less time focusing on technology and more time focusing on your utility’s efficient operation.