Itron is transforming the natural gas industry with the Intelis Gas Meter and with it in the field, you can transform your reading operations. This 250 CFH meter is designed around safety and brings new AMR benefits to residential metering. The build-in safety shutoff valve allows for an unparalleled level of safety, insight, and control at the meter itself. Intelis provides the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high flow or high-temperature incident and is the most compact and lightweight meter on the market!

Itron’s Transform AMR promotion combines the innovations of the Intelis Gas Meter with the established benefits of Itron’s Field Collection System for efficient, accurate data collection across your service territory.

Why transform you reading operations with Intelis & Itron FCS?

Take advantage of your reading operations with the Intelis Gas Meter:

  • Enhance Data collection efficiency. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve customer service & security.
  • Increase flexibility.

Reduce Operating Costs.

The Transform AMR promotion with Intelis Gas Meters allows you to choose a bundled solution of Intelis Gas Meters, software and mobile hardware to meet the specific needs of your operation!

Save thousands by acting before year end!

Our sales team is waiting to help you Transform your operation!