Cellular AMI for Water & Gas Utilities


Cellular AMI units run on existing cellular communication infrastructure, which reduces upfront costs and allows for a gradual integration into an existing meter network over a period of time. This gives utilities the opportunity to assess risk and work within budget constraints.

  • No network infrastructure to manage
  • Allows for rapid deployment
  • Long-term evolution (LTE) investment protection
  • 20-year battery endpoint life
  • Standards-based LTE-M, Cat-M1 networks
  • Supports advanced distribution-side leak sensors

The time for Itron’s cellular technologies for advanced water and gas solutions is now! With improvements in performance and battery life, Itron’s next-generation, standards-based cellular network is an important part of any intelligently connected network.


IoT NaaS Canopies for Water AMI


Itron’s Gen5 water endpoints allow water utilities to immediately leverage these existing assets of their electric IOU neighbors, creating an advanced AMI network supporting smart water meters, analytics, consumer portals and more.  Using Internet of Things Network as a Service (IoT NaaS) canopies, this can all be accomplished at a fraction of the time, cost, and maintenance of building out a separate, single-purpose network.

  • Joint Use network
  • No network infrastructure to manage
  • Leverages Itron’s Multi-purpose Gen5 IIoT Network
  • Allows for rapid deployment
  • Mesh topology for redundancy and 2-way communications
  • Self-healing Gen5 RF-mesh network platform

IoT NaaS Canopies for Water AMI is a proven, standards-based, multi-purpose network solution that is optimal for utilities with fewer than 100,000 metering endpoints. The AMI solution offers everything you need to quickly begin benefiting from the efficiencies and operational cost-savings of AMI-based utility services, while also laying the groundwork to support emerging industry needs and future use cases.

ChoiceConnect AMI for Water & Gas Utilities

Itron’s ChoiceConnect benefits utilities through the capacity to concurrently read water and gas meters with a single network platform. This sensible, blended approach to deploy AMI network reading, mobile reading and/or handheld reading offers the maximum deployment flexibility. All reading formats accommodate collection of interval/data logging for meter readings – even down to hourly meter data.

  • Flexible migration to AMI from mobile and handheld
  • Built on Itron’s proven 900 MHz ERT® platform
  • Open architecture compatible with all leading meter brands
  • Supports advanced distribution-side leak sensors
  • Traditional star network topology
  • 20-year battery endpoint life
  • Includes customer portals and analytics

Itron’s ChoiceConnect offers a portfolio of industry-leading AMR, AMI and leak detection solutions that integrate seamlessly within a single platform. You make the choice!


Itron Leak Detection for Water Utilities

An important offering for water operations management is the ability to effectively monitor and manage distribution leaks within a water distribution network. Using Itron’s acoustic leak sensors placed strategically throughout a water distribution network, the mlogonline leak detection software allows you to identify and repair leaks in the distribution system before they become catastrophic main breaks and enables unattended leak detection of existing or newly emerging leaks within your water distribution lines.

  • Detect emerging and existing leaks
  • Track new and historic leaks
  • Track noises
  • Prioritize and rank potential leaks for field investigation
  • Provide a mapping visualization tool of where potential leaks exist within the water system

This solution reduces non-revenue water losses, associated costs, and potential service disruptions caused by major leak events through examining the pipe network over the best period for detection of leaks. This results in providing a higher quality of data to mlogonline, which in turn improves leak identification.

Mlogonline and Itron’s leak sensors combined provide a targeted, systematic approach to optimize a utility’s field workforce for maximum return on investment. Mlogonline is the first permanent proactive tool for continuous assessment of pipeline integrity.

Aquana Smart Valves for Water Utilities

The Aquana Smart Valve allows you and your team to open, close, or reduce the flow of water remotely without having to send a technician to the service location. This helps keep employees safe, reduce operational costs, and simplify customer service.

  • 3 positions (open, closed, reduced flow)
  • Cellular LTE-M, Bluetooth local control, or wired serial for Itron endpoints
  • NPSM swivel nut valve body for easy installation
  • IP68 fully potted housing
  • Single or batch valve control

Aquana cloud-based web and mobile apps enable you to monitor and control water use from anywhere. Set up real-time notifications, manage unlimited users, configure event actions, schedule valve position commands one at a time or in batch, and more.


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