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As a public service provider, you can’t afford to be stuck with outdated technology, infrastructure that wastes money and resources, and time-consuming processes. Communities depend upon the services you provide, and those services must be reliable — not just most of the time, but every single day of the year.

United Systems provides modern utility and government management applications, advanced metering solutions, automated processing, managed IT, and more. For more than four decades and covering over 40% of the United States, we have provided innovative results that allow utilities to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and enhance customer service. 

Reduce labor and material costs, increase productivity, minimize mundane and manual processes, and fine-tune communication internally and with customers using our integrated solutions. Eliminate the hassle of communicating with multiple providers to get the help you need and spend less time troubleshooting problems and more time helping your customers.

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Today’s utility faces a daunting array of issues: outdated and tedious manual processes, mountains of paperwork, missed payments and increasing delinquent accounts, rising labor costs and turnover, non-revenue water, cybersecurity concerns—the list seems to grow each day…

What if there was a company who could help you address each of these pain points, and more? What if tasks that once took days to complete can now take minutes—even seconds? What if you could reduce costs and streamline operations while actually expanding your capabilities? What if you had a partner to maximize your potential as a utility and better-steward your limited resources to serve your community?

That’s where United Systems comes in.

In 1977, United Systems embarked on the challenge of developing technology to help simplify operations for utilities, government, and business in general. Today, our technology expertise not only includes modern utility billing software, but also managed services, cybersecurity and compliance, process automation, mobile field service, a customer web portal—even smart meter canopies that span entire communities.

We are strategically located in the heart of the U.S. From here, we serve more than one thousand utilities, covering over 40% of the country. Our software calculates over 15 million utility statements annually, and our average ticket response time is less than an hour!

We know the weight you bear, as you navigate an ever-changing technology landscape. We understand the problems you need solved today, and the ones to avoid in the future.

With over sixty-five associates ready to assist you, we’ll help you optimize your utility processes using the most complete product and service offering in our industry. Add to that smart meters, conservation, and water loss management, and we’re ready to help you take on the regulatory and environmental challenges of tomorrow as well.

We’re eager to start a conversation. Let’s explore what United can do for you!

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5 benefits of our products and services

When you partner with us, you experience many advantages that our competition, with their reliance on integrating with third-party products and cobbled-together “frankensystems,” simply can’t provide.

Only United Systems combines advanced utility management software, meter reading, process automation, customer portals, integrated payment processing, print and mail services, managed IT, and more in one unified, fully integrated suite.

We call this Utility Process Management (UPM), an ecosystem of interconnected solutions that work together to form the most complete product and service offering in our industry.


Advanced Technology

Stay ahead of the curve using the latest technology and solutions that set trends in the industry. By utilizing our toolset, you establish authority in your market and pass on the benefits to your customers.


Improved Efficiency

Efficiency is more than just doing things fast: it requires simplifying tasks and weeding out unnecessary steps in your processes. United Systems automations will help you perform in-house processes quickly and provide more effective customer service.


Customer Care

Using United Systems' solutions, exceed expectations and establish a reputation as an organization that truly cares about customers by offering fast, easy service with online options for customer account management.


Financial Management

Reduce labor expenses and increase on-time payments. We provide the flexibility you want and expansive reporting you need to improve your accounting operations with automation, integrated payment processing, and print and mail options.


Simplify Work

Our solutions are proven to help operations maximize their daily functions with minimal effort. Give your employees the tools and resources to perform their jobs easily: maximize production, minimize the need for additional staff, reduce turnover, and improve revenue.

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Work smarter, not harder with our productivity essentials

Maximize efficiency and effectiveness

We unite only the essential applications, integrations, and processes to simplify your meter-to-cash operations.

Using our full suite of trusted products and services, you can:



Increase operational efficiency


Reduce truck rolls, calls, and walk-in and mail-in payments


Minimize processing errors and manual data entry


Streamline utility billing


Address meter problems faster


Accelerate cash flow and reduce capital expenses


Meet compliance standards and reduce risk


Improve customer service

What we offer

We provide a variety of products and services designed specifically to help utilities and small governments, including:

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Software Applications

Go beyond basic utility billing software with the proven Alliance™ software platform. Use our modular system to tailor your software suite to your organization’s needs and streamline your internal processes.

Smart Metering Solutions

As an Itron Engage Expert Channel Partner, we offer a portfolio of industry-leading smart metering solutions and leak detection systems that enhance the delivery of critical services.

Managed IT

Get proactive monitoring, disaster recovery, network and systems security, and more with our Managed IT and Networking service. Consistent, continuous processes ensure that your system is optimal and secure.

Customer Care

Our knowledgeable and dedicated support staff is ready to assist you. We demonstrate an incredibly fast response time and offer a variety of ways for you to reach out. We also provide updates to ensure your applications are optimized.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers will guide you through the transformative process of adopting our solutions. We provide the tools, resources, and training you need to enhance the way your organization operates and serves the community.

Payment Processing & Billing

We offer payment processing with a variety of remote and automated payment options. We also handle the entire invoicing process for you, including printing and mailing billing and delinquent statements, as well as postage!

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