Track, monitor, and maintain information on key devices


Alliance™ Device Management stores key information about utility meters as well as endpoints, registers, and bins, depending on your utility’s setup and services.

Quickly and efficiently record entries for all these device types and track essential data like location history, testing records, manufacturers, important dates, and more! All tracked devices can be viewed in a single convenient dashboard format to further maximize your efficiency.



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Field Service

Track equipment alongside crews, employees, and more while managing service orders quickly and simply using Alliance™ Field Service and its convenient mobile app.

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Utility Management

Select devices from customer accounts in Alliance™ Utility Management (UMS), with location history for each device recorded automatically based on customer accounts. 

Device Tracking Monitor Your Systems with Extensive Reporting Device Lists View devices by type, status, etc., review changeouts, and print worksheets Meter Testing Audit meter test information and view tested and untested meters State Reports Create reports to send to outside agencies or for state reporting

Reduce the hassle of data entry


Track information for all meters, endpoints, registers, and bins owned by, in custody of, or in use by your utility. You can record identifying numbers, sizes, manufacturers, device types, ratings (GPM), purchase dates, warranty dates, test cycles, last test dates, active/inactive dates, meter constants, and much more. Record even more data with free-form notes.

Device Management also automates the record process to optimize your management efforts. Change data for your devices en masse, create multiple records simultaneously, and view history for your devices with automatically updated location records. You can easily associate devices with customer accounts and swap devices with a simple changeout wizard.

Location history is automatically updated when using UMS changeout processing. Review the chronological history of all accounts associated with an individual device since in service and keep extensive records for each installation, including account, customer name, address, date installed, first reading, date removed, and last reading.

Device Management adheres to Public Service Commission (PSC) guidelines for storage and retrieval of meter records

Eliminate errors and standardize data

Use standardized options and set up your own configurations for quick and painless data entry. Device Management helps you eliminate errors due to misspellings and make searching, reporting, and setup for new devices fast and easy. Format data in alignment with your requirements and change information for devices when needed. Convenient data merging routines and pre-defined options make it easy to create consistency in your current data.

Record and maintain a wealth of meter test history and view information about tests with helpful reports. Set your options to meet your utility’s requirements and create custom reasons for meter testing, including standard testing and testing due to billing issues or customer requests.

Track test dates, test methods, and readings before and after testing, and easily control how the software calculates values for your tests. And since information about meter testers can also be stored, you can record the tester for each meter test entered. 



Track Device Information

  • Track a variety of information about meters, endpoints, registers, and bins
  • View all tracked devices in a single convenient dashboard
  • Record purchase, warranty expiration, and active/inactive dates
  • Record sizes, models, manufacturers, and more
  • Standardize data and simplify processing with data merging and pre-defined options

Helpful Reporting

  • Create reports for outside agencies and for state reporting
  • Maintain test history and view testing information with helpful reports

Easy Processing

  • Create records for new devices en masse within minutes using an easy processing routine
  • Quickly and accurately create entries for similar devices with setup options

Automatically Record History

  • Review the chronological history of all accounts associated with a device
  • History updates upon changeouts and initial customer setup with Alliance™ UMS
  • Track device locations over time, including locations used and storage locations

Meter Testing

  • Create custom reasons for meter testing (e.g. standard testing, billing issues)
  • Track test dates, reasons for tests, test methods, readings before and after testing, etc.

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