Streamlined materials management


With Alliance™ Inventory, it’s easy to maintain your organization’s inventory. For every item, you can track information about vendors, prices and costs, quantities, and much more! Get accurate, comprehensive information about your organization’s resources you can even keep track of non-tangible items and manufactured items comprised of other items tracked in Inventory. Not only can you record what your organization has, but you can also record where items are physically stored for fast, easy item retrieval.

Plan your purchases and maintain optimum inventory levels with Alliance™ Inventory’s helpful purchasing advisories. You’ll also have access to vital financial information to view inventory costs and values.



Alliance Field Service icon

Field Service

With Alliance™ Field Service and its convenient Mobile Field Service (MFS) app, quickly and simply record inventory items used in the field for a complete view of costs per job and easy inventory updates.

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Accounts Payable

Easily update your records after a purchase! Alliance™ Accounts Payable generates inventory transactions during the voucher posting process, and the Purchase Orders submodule automatically creates receiving transaction entries from purchase order receipts.

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General Ledger

Use Alliance™ General Ledger for complete and accurate financial reporting. Transactions in Inventory automatically update the appropriate accounts in General Ledger for a comprehensive view of your financial status.

Centralized Inventory Management Use with Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders for simple ordering and automatic record updates Compatible with Mobile Field Service to easily record materials used in the field

Make ordering easy


Alliance™ Inventory can track all the information you need to make ordering easy. Record both manufacturer number and vendor number for each item. If an item can’t be ordered from your primary vendor, you can store up to four alternate vendors along with their unique vendor numbers and prices.

Use our convenient reports to make ordering even easier. A price list will provide information about the costs of selected items, while a purchasing advisory report will provide recommendations for items to purchase based on current levels and your specified reordering levels. You can even track information about the sale of items from your inventory.

Quick inventory access

Like all of our applications, Alliance™ Inventory is highly customizable. Use the settings to configure Inventory to your organization’s setup: you can track multiple warehouses or other storage locations and even record more specific locations, such as rows, shelving units, shelves, and/or bins, to accurately manage storage of materials, supplies, and parts for your utility or municipal operation.

In addition, our convenient barcode feature can be used to both print barcodes for your items as well as automatically look up items by scanning the barcode for easy processing.

Inventory’s reports provide a complete picture of your inventory’s status. Use a variety of options to obtain exactly the information that you are looking for. Get a list of all your items, see amounts of items available, view items sold, see price information, get information about the value of your inventory, and review activity over time. You can also generate worksheets to assist with getting a physical count of your inventory.



Data Tracking

  • Track inventory items by number, category code, and user-defined description
  • Track up to five vendors with each inventory item to facilitate purchasing
  • Status flags for each item: Active, Inactive, Inactive Date, Reason, By User
  • Locator codes for each inventory item for tracking inventory maintained at different sites and locations

Record Activity

  • Summarize period and year-to-date activity for individual inventory items
  • Multiple inventory costing options: LIFO, FIFO, and average cost

Purchasing Assistance

  • Automatic purchase advisories with accompanying reports, on-demand inventory valuation
  • Maintain item pricing levels, average cost, replacement cost, reorder level, quantity on-hand, and quantity committed
  • Retain historical inventory item information for reference in planning and purchasing

Easy Maintenance

  • Track inventory transactions, including receiving, sales/issues, adjustments, returns, and transfers
  • Receipting routine for sale of inventory items
  • Conveniently convert quantities to accurately record amounts received and used
  • Physical count worksheets for any range of inventory items
  • Quick entry for updating inventory item quantity differences following a physical count

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