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Integrated systems reduce work for you and improve service for your customers. Utility Process Management (UPM) is the only system combining all the essential programs your utility needs, including automated meter reads, payment processing, online customer account access, managed IT and networking, and much more!

No other provider offers this interconnectivity. Never again struggle with managing disjointed systems or coordinating your utility operations across multiple providers: UPM handles it all!


Components of the UPM Ecosystem

UPM Utility Process Management components Process Automation Field Service Smart Meters Utility Billing Customer Web Portal Managed IT Printing & Mailing Payment Processing

Utility Billing

Our streamlined and easy-to-use Alliance™ G5 software is your complete utility billing and customer service solution! Manage customer accounts, meters and endpoints, enter transaction information, and variety of tools to make your utility operations easier and more convenient.

Customer Web Portal

Provide your customers with a modern, simplified web portal with advanced features! Your customers can sign up for or stop services online, manage their account information, and view information about service usage or previous payment activity. Customers can also pay online manually or automatically with autopayments.

Smart Meters

Obtain the latest in meter technology, leak detection, and analytics with industry-leading AMI/AMR system providers! Get meter readings quickly and easily, detect issues as soon as they start, and view information about your entire system.

Printing & Mailing

Cut costs and save time with our outsourced billing service! For those customers slow to adopt autopay and paperless billing, UPM handles the entire invoicing process for you. This includes printing bills and delinquent notices, mail processing, and postage so you never again have to worry about getting bills or notices out on time!

Payment Processing

Reduce time spent on calls and in-person visits with remote and automated payment options, which include online bill pay, autopayment, text-to-pay, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), and bank drafts. We also offer various point-of-sale options for those still wanting to make payments in person.

Field Service

Our field service desktop module and Mobile Field Service (MFS) app ensures office staff can easily deploy orders to workers in the field. Our simple-to-use, best-in-class MFS app interfaces seamlessly with the desktop module for easy communication, built-in job costing and inventory management.

Managed IT

Our managed IT team ensures your network avoids interruptions and exceeds ever-evolving security standards and requirements. Never again worry about issues like ransomware or lost data; our proactive approach prevents problems before they start, ensuring your utility recovers quickly after a disaster.

Process Automation

Streamline and automate core billing and meter reading processes, such as bank drafts and penalties, and customize and schedule tasks specifically for your utility. With UPM automations, key processes can require little or no manual interaction from office workers.

Benefits of UPM<br />
Reduce Truck Rolls Cut Down Calls Reduce Manual Payments Improve Accuracy Minimize Data Entry Increase Office Efficiency

Solve problems unique to utility operations


Make core tasks like meter reading, billing, and payment collection a breeze! Based on over forty years of industry experience, our integrated solutions eliminate unnecessary work to maximize your efficiency by automating and streamlining every process possible.

With UPM, your utility can simplify processes by removing repetitive, tedious tasks and enhance the customer experience. Using our solutions, you can focus your valuable attention on solving outliers and issues and on helping your customers. 

Operational Benefits


Automate Core Billing Tasks


Reduce Truck Rolls


Lessen Manual Data Entry


Detect Leaks More Quickly


Get Notified for Rapid Action on Time-Sensitive Problems


Decrease Walk-In & Mail-In Payments


Cut Call Frequency


Gain Greater Office Efficiency

Efficiently Schedule Shut Offs & Turn-Ons

Enhance Service Delivery


Improve Processing Accuracy


Increase Meter Reading Speed & Accuracy


Schedule Processes in Advance

Financial Benefits


Streamline Utility Billing


Reduce Labor Expenses


Consolidate IT Spending


Modernize Customer Payments


Increase On-Time Payments


Improve AR Management


Reduce Capital Expenditures


Avoid Sunk Costs in IT Salaries, Benefits, Insurance, & Office Upkeep


Avoid Lost Payments


Accelerate Cash Flows


Eliminate Flat Service Rates & Estimates

IT & Security Benefits


Deploy Expanded IT Support & Security


Improve Payment Security


Reduce & Deter Meter Theft


Reduce Third-Party Vendors & Legacy Applications


Reduce Risk & Cost

Your Potential Efficiency & Effectiveness Gains

30% Increase in On-Time Payments

Utilizing UPM’s paperless billing, online bill pay, text-to-pay, and autopay options.

75% Increase in Automated Billing Tasks

Seamlessly execute the majority of core billing processes.

50% Increase in Meter Read Accuracy

Eliminate manual meter readers with an AMI/AMR system.

25% Decrease in Phone Calls

With remote and automated payment options, web portal, and instant notifications.

50% Decrease in Mail & Walk-In Payments

With more payment activity and information funneled through the web portal.

40% Decrease in Truck Rolls

As on-time payments increase and schedules are fine-tuned.

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