Itron Intelis Gas Meters

Smart Meters for Gas Utilities

The Itron Intelis Gas Meter brings transformational change to the market, changing the value proposition for gas customers from metering and automation to one that extends intelligence to the edge of the network. This moves the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently.

  • Compact size at only 4 ½ pounds
  • Internal safety shutoff valve
  • High flow alarm
  • Air detection alarm
  • High temperature alarm
  • Embedded RF (ERT) communication
  • +/- 0.5% accuracy utilizing ultrasonic measurement
  • Retrievable TC and NTC volume
  • Whisper quiet operation

Given advances in solid state metering and the integration of RF (radio frequency), Itron is pleased to offer the Intelis Gas Meter, an exceptionally compact and feature-rich ultrasonic solid-state residential gas meter with integrated radio frequency communications, temperature sensing, and internal safety shutoff valve.

Itron Intelis gas meter

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