Integrated CIS for utilities


The Alliance™ Utility Management System (UMS) is a fully integrated customer information system (CIS) designed specifically for utilities to manage customer accounts, utility billing, and meters. Generate bills, track payments and arrears, manage customer and service location information, and much more!

Make day-to-day operations easy by streamlining billing procedures, customer account setup, meter reading entry, and payment transactions using our modern interface. Flexible setup and data entry allow you to accept partial payments, overpayments, and pre-payments, as well as to adjust transactions and deposits while leaving a complete data trail.

UMS also provides helpful tools to assist with cash-flow forecasting, delinquent account management, and financial reporting. The application features and interface are designed to make your work as simple as possible. Access customer accounts directly from links in generated reports or create reports with information about specific customers directly from their account records. You can also reprint individual bills for customers with ease!



Alliance Device Management icon

Device Management

Record your meters, endpoints, registers, changeouts, and bins with Alliance™ Device Management, cataloging purchase and warranty dates, meter history, testing data, and more.

Alliance Field Service icon

Field Service

With Alliance™ Field Service and its convenient Mobile Field Service (MFS) app, manage service orders quickly and simply while easily tracking crews, employees, equipment, and more.

Web Portal

Utilize our integrated Customer Web Portal for a modern, easy-to-use interface where your customers can pay online, manage their accounts, and receive timely notifications.

Alliance Counter Receipts icon

Counter Receipts

Easily manage payments and deposits with Alliance™ Counter Receipts, a convenient point-of-sale (POS) system to further connect in-office processes with utility management.

Alliance Accounts Payable icon

Accounts Payable

With Alliance™ Accounts Payable, easily create and approve vouchers to refund credits or deposits for your customers.

Boost Your Productivity Customer Information System Utility Billing Accounts Receivable Meter Tracking Service Order Interface Handheld Meter Reading Interfaces Choose from over 40 reports Get the information you need

Flexible application design

Highly customizable setup for your billing needs

The functionality and flexibility you need to optimize your utility billing operations:

  • Create unlimited user-defined services and rates, service charges, taxes, and more
  • Accommodate regular, cycle, estimate, final, budget, contract, and ACH electronic billing scenarios
  • Estimate bills, bill multiple accounts as a single group, set up budget or installment billing, allow bank draft payments, use temperature normalization, and set compound meters and service deductions

UMS can accommodate nearly any billing setup!

Leave the security and maintenance to us

With Alliance™ in the cloud, back up and automatically store encrypted data in multiple locations across the US for disaster recovery. Eliminate license fees, complex installations, and the cost of maintaining expensive hardware. Cloud access helps your staff save time and resources while simplifying collaboration and improving service. You can even work in Alliance™ applications remotely anytime and anywhere since you’re no longer restricted to desktop computers and wired connections!


Base Applications

  • Alliance™ Utility Management System (UMS)
  • Meter Tracking
  • Budget Billing
  • Bank Drafts
  • Payment Scanning
  • Field Service Orders and Mobile Field Service Orders
  • IVR Pay-by-Phone Interface
  • IVR Calling/Notification Interface
  • Customer Web Portal with Credit Card Payments
  • Handheld, AMR, and AMI Interfaces
  • Counter Receipts with Credit Card Payments

Additional Applications

  • General Ledger and Budgeting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Payroll with Direct Deposit
  • Business License
  • Occupational Tax
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Property Tax Billing and Receivables


Account Management Features

  • Attach photo IDs, contracts, service photos, and other files to customer accounts
  • Search for accounts using virtually any data field
  • Extensive customer account history with unlimited transaction history
  • Manage customer deposits, memberships, and connection fees

Meter Options

  • Compatible with all major meter reading systems
  • Meter, endpoint, and register changeout processing
  • Accommodate compound meters and deduction billing arrangements
  • Normal temperature adjustments for gas services
  • Robust consumption/usage analysis tools

Multiple Billing Options

  • Bill for metered charges and other defined charges using user-defined rates, taxes, and service charges
  • Multiple bill printing options, including outsource options
  • Accommodate regular, estimated, final, budget, contract, and ACH electronic billing
  • Bad debt processes with collection letters, reports, and write-off and recovery routines

Time Saving Tools

  • Estimate a customer’s bill directly from their account
  • Use barcode scanners for quick payment entry
  • Track customer information with account notes, reminders, and alerts
  • View service locations on a built-in map
  • Add service orders directly from customer accounts
  • Reprint individual bills from a customer’s account
  • Create custom customer lists for automated calling
  • Test rate changes before making any edits to setup

Flexible Transaction Entry

  • Payment scanning, ACH, lockbox, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), credit/debit card processing, and full POS options
  • Handle partial payments, overpayments, and pre-payments with efficiency
  • Track transaction entry by batch number, operator, and payment type
  • Easily correct transaction entry errors
  • View unposted transactions during transaction entry
  • Flexible procedures for penalties, penalty adjustments, and delinquent account management
  • Automatic CIS integration with Alliance™ General Ledger

Robust Reporting

  • View, print, and save reports in multiple standard formats
  • Internal linking for easy data lookup
  • Robust reporting with user-defined options
  • Compare current rates to proposed rate changes

Flexible setup and customization options


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