Diehl Water Meters

Diehl Hydrus Ultrasonic Water Meter Technology

The Diehl line of static water meter operates on ultrasonic measuring technology, enabling accurate calculation of water consumption with long-term stability and eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, scale or air pockets. Residential HYDRUS are available 5/8” – 2”, .08 – 100 gpm, with AWWA and NSF approvals. The HYDRUS BULK are available 2” – 8”, 2.5 – 2800 gpm, with AWWA and NSF approvals. 

  • Diehl Group annual revenues over $4B, with Diehl Metering more than $400M
  • US headquarters and assembly located in Chicago, IL
  • Over 150 years in water metering
  • Display with alarm codes including leakage detection, radio on and error codes
  • IP68 fully potted housing
  • 32 configurable events/alarms

Diehl Metering is a global leader in ultrasonic water meter technology and the second largest water meter manufacturer in the world with millions of meters installed annually.

Diehl Water Meter

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