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Our city management suite consists of two applications: Municipal Manager for managing general taxes and licenses, and Property Tax Management, which handles property tax data specifically. Used together or separately, both programs interface seamlessly with Alliance™ Counter Receipts for easy payment management as well as Alliance™ General Ledger for comprehensive accounting records.

As with all of our programs, custom setup options and configurations allow you to set your software to adhere to local regulations and best meet your community’s needs.



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Municipal Manager

With Alliance™ Municipal Manager, easily manage various governmental taxes, licenses, and fees. Administer employer/occupational earnings taxes with Occupational Tax, and manage taxes levied on insurance providers with Insurance Premium.

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Property Tax

Ease the task of billing and collecting property taxes with Alliance™ Property Tax Management. Quickly get the information you need to manage properties and assessments, obtain financial reporting, and manage delinquent accounts.

Municipal Manager

Manage multiple governmental revenue sources

The modular and highly customizable Alliance™ Municipal Manager suite bundles several applications, allowing you to manage various taxes, licenses and fees, and insurance premium taxes.

Track Accounts

  • Track accounts by user-defined classifications (e.g. contractor, tradesman, commercial vehicle)
  • Maintain accounts by number, name, address, class, and status
  • Facilitate delinquent account management

Record Taxes

  • Record and assist with administering payroll or occupational earnings taxes
  • Track insurance providers and any taxes levied on those providers
  • Accept multiple tax returns for an individual employer within a given fiscal period
  • Classify employer earnings originating inside and/or outside the taxing district
  • Accommodate numerous rate schedules

Multiple License Options

  • User-defined options provide setup routines for all desired license programs
  • Consecutive license numbering for increased internal control
  • Offer licenses with varying effective and expiration dates and fiscal periods
  • Accommodate regular issues, prorated issues, and re-issues
  • Multiple license issues for individual accounts possible
  • Calculate penalties for licenses based on user-defined criteria
  • Renewal notice options for the succeeding fiscal period

Helpful Print Routines

  • Fully customizable form letters for renewal/delinquent routines
  • Print hardcopy licenses for the license holder to reference and display
  • Print routines for counter and mail receipts
  • Print statements for employers’ quarterly returns

Easy Payment and Collection

  • Automated routines for payment and collection
  • Day-end balancing activities simplified with daily audit procedures


Alliance Counter Receipts icon

Counter Receipts

Quickly and easily record payments for both Municipal Manager and Property Tax using Alliance™ Counter Receipts.

Alliance General Ledger icon

General Ledger

Create and record accounting activity for both Municipal Manager and Property Tax using Alliance™ General Ledger.


Property Tax

Customizable to meet local regulations

With the Alliance™ Property Tax application, ease the task of billing and collecting property taxes.

Manage Accounts and Properties

  • Manage accounts and set up multiple properties per account
  • Access customer accounts by account number and name
  • Delinquent account processing for all or selected accounts with a minimum balance criteria and individual account overrides
  • Print multiple properties on a customer bill
  • Track property sales
  • Allow exonerations on customer accounts

Flexible Setup

  • Multiple rates, bill classes, discounts, penalties, and fees
  • Set up a variety of fees to suit your system, including sheriff fees, attorney fees, clerk fees, and advertising fees
  • Choose to calculate fees by a flat rate or percentage, add on amounts to fees, and more
  • Create multiple types of discounts and fees as well as exonerations

Simple Payment Tracking

  • Accept partial payments and track arrears per account per year
  • Track credit balances per year
  • Digital and hardcopy audit trails for monitoring all AR activity
  • Efficient transaction entry process for posting receipts
  • Day-end balancing activities simplified with complete audit trails

Discount and Penalty Customization

  • Flexible procedures allow penalty posting upon user-defined dates
  • Setup for discounts for early payment and penalties for past due accounts
  • Collect for and track delinquent accounts, print “letter” or “mailer” statement delinquent notices
  • Update AR account balances (e.g. arrears, credit balances) to include in next billing
  • Set up discounts for early payment and penalties for past due accounts

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