Solar Powered

Sep 2, 2021 | New Building

As a solution provider for utilities, we are innately aware of the need for sustainability and environmental consciousness. So when setting about designing our new headquarters in Southwest One Industrial Park in Benton, KY, we knew that we wanted to take steps to reduce our environmental footprint. After much consideration and consulting, we decided that creating our own solar farm was a good fit for us and our location.

image of solar panels at United Systems
Our solar farm consists of 252 panels and produces 101.3 kWp at peak production. Since installation on May 25th, we have produced more electricity than is being used by our building.

Over 47 MWh of electricity!

By powering our building with solar, we have saved 71,577.49 lb. of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of planting 540.83 trees!
image of a solar panel at United Systems.
We’re excited to have a positive impact on our environment and to do our part to ensure that our earth is sustained for years to come!

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