Why Itron AMR?

Apr 28, 2021 | AMR/AMI, Itron

Over the last year, the need for automation and remote work capabilities has become abundantly apparent. Many utilities have been forced to implement new policies and procedures for all facets of operation, including meter reading. These changes, consumer trends and desires, and a need to increase conservation and sustainability are putting more pressure than ever on utilities to streamline and improve their meter reading processes. Itron, Inc. Automated Meter Reading allows utilities to drive down operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee safety.

Itron knows all about Automated Meter Reading (AMR) because well, they made it an industry standard. Itron AMR solutions allow utilities to leverage the unique expertise and leadership Itron offers. Utilities can rely on Itron’s automation metering system to remotely read usage data to improve service, protect against revenue loss, cut costs, and streamline field operations with a variety of deployment options.

Collect Meter Data Faster: 

Collect data through walk-by, drive-by, network or any combination of those methods.



Improve Data Accuracy:

Close service calls faster by pulling up granular usage data collected with 99% accuracy.



Protect Against Tampering:

Set usage thresholds, then be alerted to possible service theft or meter hacks.



Interoperable Standards:

Connect to Itron Temetra or 3rd party systems with modules using industry-wide communication protocols.



Collect Efficiently:

Collect via walk-by, drive-by, network, or any combination of these methods.



Made for Gas & Water:

Optimize gas and water operations with Itron’s multi-commodity solutions.


Efficiency: Read more meters in less time & perform off-cycle reads easily


Customer Satisfaction: Produce timely bills & eliminate estimated reads


Customer Service & Safety: Eliminate the need to access customer property for readings


Flexibility: Deploy technology to move from walk-by to drive-by to an AMI/networked solution as needs change


Cost Effectiveness: Reduce operating costs through efficient data collection


Consumer Empowerment: Provide your customers timely, accurate usage data to make informed decisions about their consumption

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