Temetra, Aging Infrastructure, & Meter Replacement


Water is arguably one of our most precious resources. Water touches every aspect of our lives, from our homes to businesses. Water is necessary for life and the economy. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a business that doesn’t require some form of running water: whether it’s for hygiene or production. While water sustains many economic activities, it, more importantly, contributes to public health and safety in the form of clean drinking water and wastewater services.

The water industry as a whole continues to experience chronic, long-term, inadequate investment. The COVID-19 pandemic has only compounded insufficient investment. Decreases in manufacturing, vacant offices, canceled events have all resulted in lost revenues for utilities. The lack of investment and lost revenues for utilities has resulted in a less than ideal situation. US water infrastructure has become less reliable; water main breaks and leaks have become commonplace for utilities. As water utilities struggle to address failing distribution networks, public health and the economy are at risk.

Daily, more than 50,000 drinking water systems distribute over 39 billion gallons of potable water to customers. Of that 39 billion gallons, estimates show that 10 – 30% is non-revenue water or water loss. In addition, drinking water systems currently lose at least six billion gallons of treated water per day due to inaccurate metering and aging infrastructure.

In their most recent Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave US drinking water infrastructure a grade of D. Massive portions of the US water infrastructure were built over 100 years ago and have long since reached the end of their lifespan and need to be upgraded or replaced. Unfortunately, the same is true of water meters at many utilities.

Many utilities in North America have meters that were installed more than 20 years ago. Making sure meters are still reading accurately and pulling them from the field to replace them with new meters is becoming an issue for many utilities. Unfortunately, most utilities don’t have a good way to track and pull up this information or assign it to people in the field.

The way we manage water and energy will define this century. As global citizens, Itron is actively engaging with communities to improve water-energy literacy, encourage conservation and inspire future innovators to shape a more resourceful world. Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution strengthens this position.

Temetra allows utilities to track meter installation dates. Installation info can be brought into Temetra through a basic CSV file. Once this information is imported, it is permanently kept in Temetra. Temetra provides new ways to optimize your meter route management and quickly sync meter data through an intuitive web-based interface with powerful mapping functionality. Users can then use the search functionality to look for all meters installed before a specific date and generate a list of results. Users can then take this search results list and prioritize the list by adding additional search criteria and filters. For example, users can search based on connection category, location, or other filter types to generate more specific results and export search results. Using Temetra’s interface, users can view the search results, create a list, create a new scheduled route, set dates for performance, select meter replacement as the schedule route purpose, and then save and assign work to employees in the field.

Temetra’s user-friendly online interface allows utilities to track and assign meter replacement tasks more efficiently while allowing the utility to monitor for leaks and other alarms.

Want to learn more about Temetra?

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Itron Inspire 2021

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Virtual Only Event

Oct. 4-6,2021

One of the primary goals of Itron Inspire is to provide the utility community a safe platform to learn from and connect with industry peers and thought leaders. After monitoring conditions related to the ongoing pandemic, and with the health and safety of customers, partners, and employees as a top priority, Itron has made the decision to host Itron Inspire virtually only for 2021.

Despite this shift to a fully virtual experience, we still look forward to gathering our community for informative keynotes, peer-led panels, insightful breakout sessions and the opportunity to learn how to move our industry forward during this unprecedented time. Together, with our utility and smart city colleagues, we’ll explore technology and services to drive business transformation, reimagine customer engagement and inspire innovation.

Join us for Itron Inspire, taking place virtually Oct. 4-6, 2021. A full agenda for the virtual experience will be posted soon.

Featured Keynotes and Sessions

  • Opening General Session: Todd L. Inlander, SVP and CIO of Southern California Edison; Tom Deitrich, president and CEO of Itron; Marina Donovan, vice president of global marketing and public affairs of Itron
  • Tuesday General Session–Trek to Decarbonization: Tom Rand, co-founder and managing partner of ArcTern Ventures; Kimberly Britton, CEO of EPIcenter
  • Women in Utilities: Denise Thomas, president of The Effective Communication Coach
  • Big Picture Session Panels:
    • Resilience & Reliability – Addressing Urgent Grid Challenges
    • Cybersecurity in a Complex, Interconnected World
  • Closing Session and Awards: Farah Saeed, Frost & Sullivan Awards; John Marcolini, Itron Innovator Award 

Tracks. Sessions. Insights. Oh My!

Get inspired by your peers in four unique tracks and dozens of breakout sessions.

With dozens of informative breakouts, led by your industry colleagues, how can you decide which sessions are right for you? One way to help choose is by reviewing sessions by track—we sort them all into one of four tracks:

Applications, Outcomes & Services

Transform communities and business with intelligence that empowers. Topics covered include AMI and grid ops, forecasting, consumer energy management, water ops, renewables integration and more.

Data Management

Discover how to do more with data, turning into intelligence, insight and action. Topics include meter data management solution overviews and strategies to better store and leverage massive amounts of data.

Mobile & Measurement Solutions

From advanced meters, regulators, measurement devices and sensors to collection systems, service and mobile solutions, intelligence starts here. Explore the possibilities in this foundational track.

Multi-Purpose Network Solutions

Deliver efficient, resilient and sustainable utility and city services through intelligent connectivity. Topics include network and IIoT solution overviews, strategies and proven use cases to drive innovation and extend value.

When people combine ingenuity + technology, we will inspire and design a better future for ourselves, our businesses and our communities. Join us for #ItronInspire21.

Register today for the best rates and room availability. We can’t wait to see you in Palm Desert this fall. Registration is open to all Itron customers, partners and prospects. Itron will comply with all local and CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety. View Itron’s health and safety policies for more information.

Transform AMR


Itron is transforming the natural gas industry with the Intelis Gas Meter and with it in the field, you can transform your reading operations. This 250 CFH meter is designed around safety and brings new AMR benefits to residential metering. The build-in safety shutoff valve allows for an unparalleled level of safety, insight, and control at the meter itself. Intelis provides the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high flow or high-temperature incident and is the most compact and lightweight meter on the market!

Itron’s Transform AMR promotion combines the innovations of the Intelis Gas Meter with the established benefits of Itron’s Field Collection System for efficient, accurate data collection across your service territory.

Why transform you reading operations with Intelis & Itron FCS?

Take advantage of your reading operations with the Intelis Gas Meter:

  • Enhance Data collection efficiency. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve customer service & security.
  • Increase flexibility.

Reduce Operating Costs.

The Transform AMR promotion with Intelis Gas Meters allows you to choose a bundled solution of Intelis Gas Meters, software and mobile hardware to meet the specific needs of your operation!

Save thousands by acting before year end!

Our sales team is waiting to help you Transform your operation!



Itron Intelis Gas Meter


At United Systems & Itron, everything we do is dedicated to ensuring the safe, reliable, resourceful delivery and use of natural gas to end customers. Itron pioneered gas meter automation and continues to be the premier provider of smart gas networks, delivering complete outcomes to the challenges gas utilities are facing.

As a result of advances in solid state metering and the integration of radio frequency, Itron is now able to offer an exceptionally compact and feature-rich ultrasonic residential gas meter with an internal shutoff valve in every meter.  The Intelis Gas Meter is a transformational solution that changes the value proposition for gas customers from metering and automation to one that extends intelligence to the edge of the network and moves the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently!

The first of its kind Intelis ultrasonic gas meter weighs in at only 4 ½ pounds making it the lightest residential gas meter available in North America. Six-inch center-to-center hub connections make field retrofits quick & easy to accomplish. Intelis comes equipped and ready to operate in mobile mode or network mode, allowing flexible and migratable operation in AMR or AMI environments. Intelis comes standard with an internal shutoff valve on the outlet, providing the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high-flow incident, independent of operator involvement or the RF reading topology.

Intelis Gas Meters enable utilities to automatically make intelligent decisions across their gas distribution network, delivering opportunities for operational savings and enhanced customer and employee safety by potentially preventing an explosion.

Key Features:

Why Itron AMR?


Over the last year, the need for automation and remote work capabilities has become abundantly apparent. Many utilities have been forced to implement new policies and procedures for all facets of operation, including meter reading. These changes, consumer trends and desires, and a need to increase conservation and sustainability are putting more pressure than ever on utilities to streamline and improve their meter reading processes. Itron, Inc. Automated Meter Reading allows utilities to drive down operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee safety.

Itron knows all about Automated Meter Reading (AMR) because well, they made it an industry standard. Itron AMR solutions allow utilities to leverage the unique expertise and leadership Itron offers. Utilities can rely on Itron’s automation metering system to remotely read usage data to improve service, protect against revenue loss, cut costs, and streamline field operations with a variety of deployment options.

Collect Meter Data Faster: 

Collect data through walk-by, drive-by, network or any combination of those methods.

Improve Data Accuracy:

Close service calls faster by pulling up granular usage data collected with 99% accuracy.

Protect Against Tampering:

Set usage thresholds, then be alerted to possible service theft or meter hacks.

Interoperable Standards:

Connect to Itron Temetra or 3rd party systems with modules using industry-wide communication protocols.

Collect Efficiently:

Collect via walk-by, drive-by, network, or any combination of these methods.

Made for Gas & Water:

Optimize gas and water operations with Itron’s multi-commodity solutions.

Grow AMR with Temetra


If you’ve already begun implementing an Itron Automated Meter Reading system or have completed implementation of an Itron Automated Meter Reading system, Itron’s Grow Promotion is for you!

Itron can help you take the next step up in efficiency and effectiveness. Itron’s Grow Promotion is tailored for existing MV-RS and FCS customers with an upgrade to Itron’s next-generation, cloud-based  mobile meter data collection and management solution: Temetra. Temetra takes the place of both MV-RS and FCS offering utilities robust features and capabilities including:

  • Importing routes
  • Managing assignments
  • Providing reports
  • Delivering data to billing
  • Long-term data storage
  • Advanced search capabilities and integrated mapping
  • Intuitive user interface and dashboards
  • Ad hoc search-based reporting
  • Meter data collection & validation
  • Meter geolocation
  • Asset management
  • Meter/device photo storage
  • And more!

The Grow AMR promotion simplifies the upgrade process and makes it affordable by bundling Temetra setup fees, first year of the Temetra subscription and new walk-by or drive-by radios into a single, easy-to-deploy package.

MV-RS users can rest easy knowing that Temetra was developed with MV-RS in mind! Backwards compatibilities allow users to upgrade from MV-RS to Temetra and continue to use use their existing CIS/billing file interfaces, existing  code tables, and existing interfaces with other Itron systems including Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network and Itron Analytics. MV-RS users can also continue to utilize existing MC3 mobile collectors, existing meters, and existing ERTS.


By transitioning to Temetra from MV-RS or FCS utilities can now:

  • Choose Android, iOS, or Windows Devices for your field employees to use.
  • Optimize your operations and improve efficiency using Temetra’s unique GeoRouting and GeoSequencing route optimization capabilities.
  • Gain greater insight into customer usage patterns and potential issues with Temetra’s built-in graphing, analytics, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce billing complaints with Temetra’s optional customer portal upgrade.
  • Lower your operational costs by moving to a completely cloud-based meter reading solution.


Take advantage of the Grow AMR promotion by December 31st, 2021, and save thousands!

Start AMR Promotion

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Are you looking to transition to AMR from manual meter reading? Overwhelmed by the process?

With Itron’s Start AMR promotion, you can begin the transition to AMR and redefine meter reading for your organization at a pace that fits your organizational needs! 

Manual meter reading can be a slow, inaccurate and costly process. Itron’s advanced Automated Meter Reading solutions help utilities’ meter reading operations become safe, efficient, accurate and much faster than a manual process. Itron’s Start AMR promotion is centered on the Temetra Mobile App, Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution. The Temetra Mobile App allows meter readers to load meter reading assignments via any internet connection with a smartphone, tablet or laptop running Android, iOS or Windows 10. Once loaded, the meter reader can collect any combination of manual, probed or radio reads along with other valuable data and then send that data back to the host application over any internet connection.

The Temetra host application is a data management system deployed in the cloud. Cloud deployment allows managers and supervisors to securely work from home, the office or anywhere with an internet connection. The Temetra web application lets managers and supervisors assign work and view years of reading history, including daily and hourly usage.

The Start AMR promotion combines the Temetra Mobile app with Itron’s industry-leading AMR mobile radios that allow utilities to collect daily or hourly usage data from Itron’s advanced endpoints and meters.  By combining the Temetra Mobile app and Itron’s AMR mobile radio and endpoints, utilities have access to data previously unavailable. Equipped with this data, utilities can take action with both employees and customers to better manage resources, improve customer service and create safe, accurate, efficient meter reading operations!

The Start AMR promotion is a bundled solution with everything you need to start your journey, including Itron ERT modules, mobile hardware, and software.

Act before December 31, 2021 and save as much as $7,200!

Use the links below to learn more about this limited time promotion!

Itron Utility Week 2020

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Over the last two weeks, our Sales & Marketing has had the privilege of participating in Itron Utility Week and the Itron Partner Conference in a virtual format. While these conferences looked different this year, we could connect with utilities, industry leaders, and partners from across the country with innovation at the center of many conversations.

We heard from Itron, Inc. President & CEO, Tom Deitrich on the importance of innovation in our industry and how Itron Inc. solutions and ideas can be harnessed to meet the challenges that the utility industry is facing today as consumer expectations change, cities become more interconnected, and sustainability needs increase.

“We can empower innovation by sharing fresh ideas with endless possibilities, and together, create a more resilient, more reliable, safer and more resourceful world.” – Tom Deitrich

Throughout the last two weeks, we had the opportunity to witness how Itron, Inc. solutions can allow utilities and cities to address these changing needs and create a better future for the industry. The use of intelligence and analytics offered by these solutions will enable utilities to increase customer engagement, reduce water loss, better manage energy, and respond to changing real-time conditions. With the ever-increasing amount of data at utility’s fingertips, it’s more important than ever that we turn that data into actionable items. Having information is the first step; turning this data into progress is the second. Many utilities struggle with managing and acting upon data. Many solutions and ideals discussed over the last two weeks give utilities the tools needed to ride into the future, better prepared, and ready to ensure long term sustainability.

We want to thank Itron, Inc., for the ability to participate in these thought-provoking and informational sessions. We look forward to sharing the valuable insights gained with our customers!