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United Systems is one of the nation’s most accomplished distributors for Itron Corporation currently operating territories in eighteen states.  Since 1999, we have served the utility industry by providing Itron solutions that enhance the delivery of utility services and improve service for their consumers.

United Systems is currently recognized as an Itron Engage Certified Channel Partner along with being certified by Itron in the delivery of network AMI solutions.  By utilizing proven project management principles, we are very proficient in the management of complex AMR/AMI projects.  When managing projects, we also lean heavily upon our multi-disciplined technical staff, which is currently comprised of over 50 associates.


The ChoiceConnect Fixed Network for electricity, water and gas providers combines fixed network architecture with Itron’s proven meter data management software to collect and manage frequent consumption and usage meter data, reliably and accurately.


Water radio-based endpoints are attached to new or existing water meters to equip them for an advanced metering infrastructure or automated meter reading (AMR) system. Itron water endpoints are available for water meters from all leading meter manufacturers.


Itron Mobile is a tool kit for collecting data and performing other field activities. It takes advantage of the latest mobile technologies used by utility employees incorporating app runs that operate with smart phones, tablets and laptops – including Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10. Itron Mobile combines walk-by and drive-by features in a single app and supports Itron’s new handheld radio called the Itron Mobile Radio and Itron’s MC3 family of mobile collection systems.


The Itron Mobile Collectors are the latest in drive-by data collection for Itron’s ChoiceConnect™ 100 system, offering data logging and two-communications capabilities in a mobile solution. Powered by Itron SRead™ radio, the MC3 offers unparalleled meter reading performance, portability and affordability to gather consumption and tamper data from radio-based endpoints.


Itron 100G Gas Endpoint offers ‘open architecture’ with unparalleled compatibilities with most all leading gas meters — existing gas meters AND new gas meters. Having over 60 million deployed gas endpoints, Itron’s innovation, experience and industry leadership is rivaled by no other company.


United Systems and Software Inc. offers a portfolio of industry-leading automated meter reading (AMR) and advance metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions that integrate seamlessly with our Alliance™ Windows Suite or interfaced to existing software. Our premier AMR/AMI solution is the Itron ChoiceConnect 100 system which accommodates …


Convenient, efficient and cost effective with a migration path to a networked system, Itron’s data collection solutions for electricity, gas and water providers improve meter reading operations and offer enhanced data collection capabilities. For utilities looking to read, program and/or service endpoints, rugged, portable, radio-equipped handhelds are an easy-to-use and affordable solution. They allow field workforces to capture, store and manage deployment data, meter reads and service information from any meter. Itron’s mobile collection systems are the next step in AMR system evolution.


The Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network 100 automates meter data collection using wireless communications to collect meter data and can leverage existing communications infrastructure for backhaul communications. Two-way communications to the meter and time synchronized interval data collection highlight the system. Itron radio-based endpoints transmit consumption, interval usage and meter tamper data at regular intervals to a network of collectors and repeaters, which backhaul the meter data to the utility offices.


The Itron ChoiceConnect 100 Water Endpoint is designed to provide the advanced functionality desired by utilities combined with Itron’s proven product reliability and low total cost of ownership. With one endpoint, Water Utilities now have the flexibility to collect meter data both in a mobile or fixed network environment. This dual mode capability really sets apart ChoiceConnect™ from competing solutions. Additionally, they are compatible with water meters from all leading manufacturers.